Rental Rewards

John C. Ricotta & Associates is proud to partner with some of our favorite local restaurants and businesses to offer great discounts and freebies through our rental rewards program. In-season renters will be given one coupon for every Rental Reward listed below upon check-in! Check out the interactive map below to see the location of each Rental Reward business.

Chatham Candy Manor

Free Chocolate Shell Sample - The Chatham Candy Manor was founded in 1955 by my mother, Naomi Louise Turner. What is the secret to making chocolates so incredible that people have been coming from all over the country to a small picturesque sea coast village to enjoy them? Tradition. The Chatham Candy Manor has spent the last fifty years perfecting the time-honored traditions of the old-school chocolatier. Time. We take the time to slow-cook our candies in small batches every day, never mass-producing them so that you can be sure our chocolates are always at the peak of freshness. We select only the finest quality ingredients - fresh, pure, the real thing - and we taste everything we make to be sure it's the best. We insist on continuing to dip all of our chocolates by hand, making each one an exquisite piece of art as well as an exquisite piece of chocolate. Making chocolates as special as ours isn't easy. But fortunately, while they might not be easy to make, they've never been easier to enjoy.

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